Dave Campfield: Writer/director

Zombie director/writer Dave Campfield

Writer/director/zombie Dave Campfield

"The film making is brilliant. Follow this guy. He is producing films like no other."

-- Jason Hignite, Horrorhound Magazine
(from his review of Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas)

"Dave Campfield is one of the more impressive talents to come out of the indie scene in a while."

-- Josh Pasnak, Video Graveyard

On the basis of his first script, Dave Campfield won over a Hollywood agent. However, while receiving across the board positive reviews from the studios, the script remained limbo. Having grown disheartened with Hollywood gridlock, Campfield opted to go it alone and produce a feature himself. That film, Dark Chamber, had a successful run in the film festivals, and was picked up for distribution by Pop Cinema for a February 2008 release.

After signing the deal with Pop Cinema, Campfield soon inked a deal on another feature, Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre. A throwback to the Comedy/Horror cross-overs of the 40s and 50s, the film co-stars horror icons Felissa Rose, Brinke Stevens and Joe Estevez. It received a limited theatrical run in September 2011 followed by a DVD release.

To date, Campfield's films have garnered positive reviews from such media outlets as aintitcool news, Film Threat, Fangoria and Video Watchdog magazine amongst many others.

Campfield is currently in post production on the next installment of the Caesar and Otto series, "Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas". The spoof features new additions to the Caesar and Otto family, including cult super stars Linnea Quigley, Lloyd Kaufman and Debbie Rochon. Incidentally, Campfield and Rochon were both featured on the cover of the 2010 Honeys and Hunks of Horror Calendar.

Campfield is currently readying his next production, a psychological horror entitled Fear the Reaper which already placed amongst the finalists at a previous Slamdance Horror screenwriting competition.


  • Dark Chamber - Best Dramatic Film (2007 Long Island Film Festival), Best Screenplay (2006 Terror Film Festival)
  • Lost Disciple (screenplay): Finalist 2007 Slamdance Horror Screenplay Competition, Top 5 finalist 2007 Screamfest Screenwriting competition, Finalist 2007 Terror Film Festival Screenwriting competition, First place Suspense screenplay 2007 Indie Gathering Screenwriting competition
  • Fear the Reaper (screenplay) - 1st Place 2009 Dark Carnival Screenplay Competition / Finalist Slamdance Horror Screenplay Competition
  • Caesar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre - Winner Best Editor 2009 Long Island Film Festival
  • Caesar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre - Honorable Mention 2009 Fright Night Film Festival
  • Caesar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre - Honorable Mention 2009 Los Angeles Reel Film Festival
  • Loknus (screenplay) - top finalists at 2010 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, and the 2010 Fantastic Planet Film Festival, finalist 2011 Omaha Film Festival
  • Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas - Nominated Best Picture and Best Director, 2012 Elvira's Horror hunt
  • Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas - Winner, Best Actor 2012 San Antonio's Horrific Film Fest, Nominated Best Picture, Best Director
  • Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas - Winner, Best Screenplay 2013 Macabre Faire Film Fest, Nominated Best Actor